10 Risks of adding Ancillary Services to your Practice

Ten Risks adding ancillary services to a practice.

  1. Licensure risk- is billing under your NPI?
  2. Scope of practice risk is a state board disallowing a pcp to say, perform oncology services.  Insurers denying claims, same reasoning.
  3. Billing risk-when payor relationships are disrupted or
  4. Chargeback risk-you are suddenly  fighting recoupment.
  5. Clinical risk involves understanding any potential side effects.
  6. Capital risk. Up front and ongoing obligations.
  7. Staffing risk. MAs turnover. You can’t bill unless they’re quickly replaced.
  8. Referral risk internally -you may face be in able to refer people internally to your own services, and losing patients once you refer them to external services.
  9. Operational risk- is your day to day affected ?
  10. Financial risk- are you borrowing or leasing ? This affects your credit and capacity to borrow tomorrow.
Any ancillary you add or hire as a third party should address these clearly with you.
Ancillaries are THE only answer for PCP burnout, shortages and an antidote to factory medicine or a forced sale.


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