About BeaconClinics

Beacon Clinics is a premier provider of ancillary allergy immunotherapy services for PCP practices. We have created an industry leading clinic-within-a-clinic model based on our five key principles:

1) Putting patient outcomes first.

Beacon’s primary aim is to eliminate the disease of allergy and help people off the medication merry-go-round, freeing them from a lifetime of dependence on antihistamines, decongestants, antibiotics, and steroids.

Our allergy patients experience the very best in clinical outcomes, with an unbeatable 90% allergy elimination rate. Virtually every compliant patient sees significant improvement across 11 allergy symptoms and four quality of life measures. What’s our secret?

2) Prioritizing purity

It’s no secret! Like the top 20 hospitals in the US, we send our allergy prescriptions exclusively to ISO 5 sterile compounding labs. These labs meticulously control for mold contamination, giving our allergy medications unparalleled purity.

Unlike the majority of allergists who mix their medications in-clinic, we compound 100% of allergen immunotherapy medications professionally. The purity of our medications is precisely why they’re so effective. 90% of allergists mix their medications in-clinic. Sterility is a real concern. In fact, the difference in quality and efficacy is significant our patients report. The FDA will hold all allergists to this high standard after 2019. 

3) Eliminating PCP risk

We know that the risks you face as a physician can be extremely restrictive – even scary-when it comes to growing your clinic. Because we believe ancillary services are one of the only workable solutions for profitable practices, we designed our model to simply remove as much of the risk as possible.

4) Maximizing practice revenue

Every PCP wants to increase their bottom line, but over half end up burned out in the process of chasing patient volume . Two thirds have lost their independence pressured to sell in a snowballing trend the past few years. We aim to help you expand your practice without the extra pressures that usually come with growth — increased patient load, excessive paperwork, extra staff management, complicated billing and collections. You may be pleasantly surprised at the bottom line returns. All for zero out-of-pocket…

5) Minimizing out-of-pocket costs.

We offer a zero out-of-pocket guarantee. Because Beacon Clinics services are designed to maximize your practice revenue, we don’t believe that adding ancillary services should require an expensive investment on your part. Any, really. That’s why we don’t charge start-up fees, require a front end cost nor any ongoing payments. We pay you -all within federal guidelines. We provide all of the equipment required to get your allergy clinic within a clinic up and running.