Allergy Services

Patient Relief

Beacon’s gold-standard allergy immunotherapy provides unbeatable relief to your patients, getting them off the medication merry-go-round once and for all.

Practice Results

Designed to fit seamlessly into your practice, our clinic within a clinic model increases your revenue with no additional effort or risk on your part.

How It Works

Traditionally, adding an ancillary service to your practice meant hiring new staff, buying new equipment, and going through a lengthy set-up process. Not with Beacon.

Simple, Hassle-Free Set-Up

We rent an examination room in your clinic and place a full-time allergy technician, who is recruited, trained, and supervised solely by us. Set-up takes just weeks, and we provide and pay for all equipment and materials.

Instead of referring to external specialists, you can keep your allergy patients (and your profits) in-house by referring them to your ‘clinic within a clinic’. Non-patients can self-refer, which gives you an opportunity to add new patients to your practice, too.

Fast, Accurate, Non-Invasive Testing

Our painless, needle-free exams test for 95% of food allergens, as well as common household and regional airborne allergens. Results are instant, and custom pharmacy grade medication is created and delivered to your patients in just days.

Superior Compounding and Unbeatable Outcomes

Every single one of America’s top 20 hospitals compounds their allergy immunotherapy medications at ISO 5 sterile pharmacy laboratories, and so do we. Higher standards mean superior purity, and that’s why Beacon patients enjoy an unbeatable 90% allergy elimination rate.

Risk-Free Billing

We bill for the entire service — examination, testing, and compounding. That means no pushback from insurers who deem allergy services to be outside of the PCP scope. You simply administer the allergy medication when it arrives, and submit a single, simple charge under your NPI.