Government Policies are Driving Doctors to Quit Health Care

Finally…been waiting for a report on this. The Most Underreported Story in Healthcare. Bar none.


The government deserves much of the blame for doctors’ low morale. For years, the feds have cut their pay, meddled in their decisions, and subjected them to mountains of needless paperwork. Physicians are increasingly responding by leaving active medical practice. And many of America’s best and brightest are declining to go into the field.

The statistics from the Physicians Foundation survey are alarming. Of the 8,700 doctors queried, fewer than half say they are satisfied with their jobs. By contrast, 79 percent of American workers give their jobs a thumbs-up.


Fun Facts

Nearly 40 percent of doctors list EHR design as one of the two things they find least satisfying about their jobs. More than half say the requirement has made them less efficient. And 66 percent say it’s reduced the amount of time they spend with patients.

The EHR mandate didn’t cut spending, either. Half of doctors say EHRs increase costs, while fewer than one in ten say they save money.


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