PCP Fixes made of fairy dust…..

The  best and brightest PCP worry worts dream of fixes made of  fairy dust. ( Sigh)

Here’s their Big Fix:

  1. 1) The Committee that sets pay for PCPs (the RUC)is too dominated by specialists. True!  Reality:It’s also powerless since 2009( Obamacare) -its suggestions are ignored by CMS ( the feds who price all the coding)because they are overwhelmed.  A “new” PCP powered replacement will never happen. Power. And if it did it would too be ignored. So fix the RUC? It’s a joke.
  2. Funds should be reallocated from residencies for specialists into primary care residencies. True but… – Another pipe dream. PCPs are going into the octagon against specialists AND teaching hospitals? Ok. Place your bets.
  3. Direct Primary Care is a yummy solution.

But only for docs in great zip codes and the 10% +\- who can afford $150 / mo. It sucks for the 85-90% they abandon. And they do.

This accelerates shortages. Burnout. Undeniably. Stop using DPC as the fix it fixes primary care docs, not the patients. It looks awful selfish to 90% of Americans.

The Answer:

First ask The Q: Is the model itself a hot mess?Bump pay with fairy dust and you are stuck with a model which rewards volume not quality.

Ancillary services add:

  • patient value and loyalty
  • compliance
  • adherence to meds
  • relaxed unhurried exams… Really??

And saves primary care with a single decision of the doc.  No reforms.  Just elbow grease.


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