Primary Care in 2019 – A Tough Model to Fix

Simple. Complex. A bad model is simple to fix. Primary care ( ex DPC) almost couldn’t be a worse model.

  • It’s costly to start and operate.
  • Recurring revenues- minimal
  • Requires lots of staff
  • And overhead
  • Is loaded w regulations, mandates etc.
  • Cannot be run from a beach
  • Serves a limited geography.
  • Does not provide much free time.

Most critical:

  • It’s dependent on personal production. Like a bricklayer.
The simple way to turn around a bad model is jettison as many negatives above as possible. Enter DPC as a model. Supermodel.
Buuuuut—  today only represents 4% of all practices- in only the right neighborhoods. It abandons thousands who can’t afford it.
Simple way 2.0.
Ancillaries. Add valued convenience at your clinic. Many specialists tests can be handled by you. Treatments too. Keep life simple by fixing a bad model. It’s not you.

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