What changes after you add Ancillary Services?

What changes the day after you add ancillary services? We recommend using a contracted firm before jumping in. My friends run patient outcomes focused services for PCPs on

  • Cardio testing
  • Nerve testing
  • ABI tests
  • Physical medicine tests and treatment
  • Sleep labs
  • Urodynamic flow
  • Toxicology tests
We offer allergy tests and treatment.
There are 18 ancillaries to consider adding that reimburse nicely and with solid evidence you’ll get paid.
You do need patient volume. Extra exam rooms. What changes?
Patients no longer have to go see a cardiologist. A neurologist. Urologist. A physical rehab facility. A sleep lab.
Instead they are evaluated by their trusted PCP and then sent to them he specialists.
Heresy? Isn’t scope of practice a concern here to insurers? You of course must establish medical necessity buuuut no. There are some models that definitely create issues with carriers. None of my friends do.
Most referrals made by PCPs never show. Now they will once tests prove to the patient what’s at stake.
  • Patient satisfaction will soar. You just gave them precious convenience.
  • Your volume pressure lessens as revenues pour in.
  • You can afford a scribe too.
You should easily be able to double your take home with 2-3 contractors like us. Then you can try some ancillaries on your own.

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